From 1983 to 2001. It took around 18 years for a platform like Wikipedia to surface, since the internet came into being. A comprehensive virtual encyclopedia, dedicated to create awareness about almost everything. There is nothing that you cannot find on Wikipedia. Renowned as one of the most highly reliable sources of information, Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, which is thriving because of its user’s contributions.

Anyone can create a page on wikipedia and make edits on any page they choose to, provided they are doing it the right way. With a total 40.7 million registered users and 1115 administrators, this online encyclopedia can

Easily be called as one of the biggest pool of reliable information on the planet. The ever growing size of Wikipedia is now at a total of 52.4 million pages with 6.2 million content articles. Over the years, the number of new users on this virtual platform have also been noted to increase and by the end of Nov 2020 this figure went up to an astounding 1.7 billion.

Something about people having open access to edit and create wikipedia pages can be unsettling for most people. There may be reliability concerns and rightly so because can make mistakes. So, how does wikipedia put up with that? How does this virtual platform ensure the reliability and authenticity of the information being shared? So, the software in Wikipedia helps in reversing small mistakes made by editors and page creators. Other than that, there are tons of highly experienced editors on Wikipedia, who are ready to scrutinize the content of your pages and articles to uphold the reliability of the virtual encyclopedia at all times.

Learn How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

Wikipedia is among the most visited and popular websites in the world. Ranking 13th on the most popular websites list, it is considered as one of the most consulted platforms on the planet. Furthermore, the chances of this website being in the top 20 most popular websites was always high as it caters to people by providing reliable information in more than 300 languages. With English being the language, which offers the highest number of articles on the virtual encyclopedia.

With such a high level of growth and demand for this online platform, it is known to be one of the best tools to create brand awareness as well. This is why there have been almost a total of 82, 668 Wikipedia pages created on companies and more pages are being created each day, increasing this number on an everyday basis. Therefore, knowing how to create a Wikipedia page for business organization is something that can actually be quite beneficial for you as well.

When you make a Wikipedia page for your business, you are using this highly trafficked website as a means for your business to reach out to billions of people on a daily basis, helping your brands and business organizations to keep the target audience engaged and create brand awareness simultaneously.

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Steps to Register Your Company on Wikipedia

While, it might be highly beneficial for you to create a wikipedia page for a company but, the page creation process is not something, which can be called easy from any angle. It has many details and intricacies, which a wiki writer needs to take care of. However, here are some steps that can make this overwhelming process easier.

  • Step # 1 – Register Yourself on the Platform
  • Step # 2 – Create a Page on Wikipedia
  • Step # 3 – Select a Notable Title for Your page
  • Step # 4 – Gather Information for Your Topic
  • Step # 5 – Create Content for Your Wiki Page
  • Step # 6 – Check Your Page for Errors & Submit

Step # 1 – Register Yourself on the Platform

Before learning how to register your company on Wikipedia, you must focus on getting yourself registered on the platform. Not that registering yourself is a mandatory thing to make edits or creating a page on this virtual encyclopedia but, it sure does have its perks and benefits if you are someone who wish to become a page creator or editor. You already have free access to many wikipedia pages for making edits, however, you do not have access to every wikipedia page. This access can only be earned by creating an account on the platform. Other than this, there is a whole list of benefits that you can get once you register yourself on Wikipedia.

When you register yourself with Wikipedia, you are offered with a list of better tools that allow you to make edits much easily than before. Moreover, creating an account on wikipedia allows you to have your own user talk page, which you can use to communicate and share important information about yourself or your topic. Furthermore, you will also be able to use the advanced editing tools, which are only available for users who register on the platform.

Most users use the facilities provided by the platform after registering for an account to keep a record of the pages they have edited or created. This allows them to build up a reputation for themselves. Other than this, having an account also allows you to build a good and respectable relationship with your fellow editors and page creators. Furthermore, having a registered username on Wikipedia will allow you to get more recognition by getting nominated for things such as project awards and editor of the week and many others.

The account creation process itself is quite an easy thing to do. All it requires on to do is to visit Wikipedia, choose a language you are comfortable with and simply land on the main page where you can see the “create account” option on the top right hand side of your page. Upon clicking this option, you will land on a page that looks like a form with empty fields. Now, all that’s needed from you is to simply fill out all these empty fields as per requirement of the virtual platform. This process of creating an account on Wikipedia is almost as easy as signing up for an email ID. So, you can easily do it and you should as account creation comes highly recommended by most of the professional page creation experts.

Step # 2 – Create a Page on Wikipedia

Now that you have created an account for yourself on the online encyclopedia, you will need to get on ahead with the page creation process. However, you will need some guidance about how a page can be created in the first place. Now, you need to keep one thing in mind, that you cannot create a wikipedia page if it already exists. In case the page you are trying to create already exists then the most you can do about it is edit the page. You won’t be able to create a new page with the same page title; Wikipedia does not allow it.

However, there four distinctive methods for creating a new page on Wikipedia. These four methods are initially how you make the red-colored link appear on your screen.

Search Method:

The easiest method among all four of them is the searching method, which simply requires you to use the search bar on the virtual encyclopedia. You simply write the desired page title in search bar and hit search. Now, if your page title does not exist on Wikipedia then you will be provided with a red link on your screen. In case a page already exists with the same page title that you are using then you will be provided with a blue colored link instead of a red one.

Preview the Red Link Method:

This method typically has four simple steps to follow and following them in the right way will allow you to get access to the red link.

  • Choose the edit option on an accessible page
  • Cover your desired page title with double square brackets
  • Choose the “Show Preview” option
  • Use the red link which is revealed as a result

Saving Your Red Link Method:

Now, most people like to have an easy access to their created pages and they usually do it by saving their links on their user pages or talk pages. Now, once you have created the page from the red link you have saved on your user page or user talk page then the same link will turn blue after it. Now, what you simply have to do is visit your user talk page or user page and click on the link shown there and surround the desired page title with double brackets in the link. Once done with it, all you now have to do is choose the “publish changes” option and the red link will reveal itself to you, on your screen.

Change the URL Method:

Yes, as the name of the method suggests, you will have to change the URL present in the address bar of your browser. Now, what you simply have to do is see the title of the page in the URL of the page and change it with your desired page title. Once you have changed it, you are then supposed to hit the enter key and you will land on a page, where you usually end up after clicking on the red link.

Step # 3 – Select a Notable Title for Your page

So, what exactly do you understand when you hear the term notable title? Well, this simply means that your selected topic needs to meet the notability criteria of the virtual platform. What is notability? In a nutshell, notability guidelines of Wikipedia provide an editor or a wiki page writer with certain standards that they need to cater to.

Notable topics are normally categorized as topics, which have gained a certain level of attention by people across the planet. By this it means that the topic is discussed significantly by different sources in detail, it does not have to be a famous or popular topic as popularity has nothing to do with notability of a topic and the topic needs to be covered by reliable sources.

In simple words, if wikipedia deems your topic worthy to be presented and uploaded on the platform then it means that it meets the notability standards of the platform. Three things that are usually put under the microscope by the online encyclopedia are 1) Whether the topic has been covered significantly by various sources, 2) whether the sources covering this particular topic were reliable and authentic and 3) Is the topic being covered by independent sources other than the one’s affiliated to the topic somehow.

The notability standards are only applied to the topic of your wikipedia page, it has nothing to do with the content creation of the wikipedia page. There are other guidelines and policies, which look after how the content should be on the page.

Step # 4 – Gather Information for Your Topic

So, the purpose of creating a wiki page or an article is to offer knowledge and information to all the readers around the world, which simply cannot be done without carrying out thorough research on your selected topic. Now, when you talk about research, aimed specifically to cater to the guidelines of the virtual encyclopedia then you need to understand that the research work that you must do for your wiki article or page must not be original research itself. It should be a self-made theory or hypothesis, designed and analyzed to drive certain results. In fact, your research should be based on articles or research reports that have already been published and are well known for their thorough and authentic results.

You research must don’t be aimed to drive any kinds of conclusions but in fact your research should reflect the fact that you are trying to create awareness in the general public through you research, the use of authentic sources, citations and references reflects that you are not creating any theories form scratch but you are only relaying the authentic information you are gathering from a variety of reliable sources.

Step # 5 – Create Content for Your Wiki Page

This step is probably one of the most important steps in the whole process as this is where you will be required to write the content for your wikipedia page or article. Before you start with the writing of your wikipedia article or page, you must first go through the guidelines and policies of the virtual encyclopedia. The more you familiarize yourself with the guidelines and policies of the platform, the better chance you have to create a wikipedia page easily and accurately. Following these policies and guidelines will increase the chance of getting your wikipedia page or article to be approved easily.

The guidelines and policies of the platform, in simple words, are simply created by the community to ensure that there is respect and harmony amongst all the wikipedia users on the platform. These policies and guidelines are also a way for the platform to resolve any disputes and helps wikipedia in meeting their objective of being a highly reliable online encyclopedia throughout the planet.

However, the policies and guidelines are not exactly laws and are subject to change. They can simply be interpreted as the set of everyday practices that every wikipedia user should adhere to, in order to maintain a good, respectable and productive relationship among the volunteers with each other. These policies and guidelines are the same and exactly equal for every wikipedia page user at all times.

Furthermore, the core content policies are what tells the wikipedia editors and writers about how to design their content on their wiki pages. These content policies are related to your content creations and offer basic guidance as to how wikipedia likes its content. In simple words, these are the do’s and don’ts of content creation.

There are many content policies, however, these three content policies are the most important ones:

Neutral Point of View:

Every wikipedia editor and page writer must keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and must provide reliable information, which is not corrupted by any kinds of flavors and personal opinions. Any biases or opinions are not allowed to be a part of your wikipedia page content and you must, at all times, make sure that you are keeping a neutral tone of writing.


Wikipedia is a platform known for its reliability and authenticity. This is all because of the content provided from this platform. Every piece of information delivered on wikipedia comes from a reliable and verifiable source, which can also be verified by the readers at any time they wish to do so. This reliability might and it is usually checked by the online encyclopedia as well, if your information does not come from a reliable source then your content will have trouble getting the approval of the platform.

No Original research:

The online encyclopedia does not publish any original thoughts or ideas, which are being worked on so that a certain conclusion can derived from analysis.

These core content policies are basically put together by the online encyclopedia to ensure that the quality and reliability of the content available on Wikipedia is always maintained. Another thing that you need to be careful about is that you are not supposed to be looking at any of the content policies in isolation but in fact, you need to look at the context and understand how these policies, if followed can help Wikipedia achieve its objectives and help you in making your content up to the standards of the platform.

Step # 6 – Check Your Page for Errors & Submit

Last but not the least, this step simply requires you to submit your wikipedia pages or articles for the final review, which is done by the Wikipedians. Now, you must realize that once you submit your wikipedia pages you cannot take them back therefore, you must ensure that whatever you have written in your first time must be up to the standards of the virtual encyclopedia.

The best way to do it is by checking your work thoroughly and correcting your mistakes before submitting your pages for being uploaded on the official platform.

Furthermore, Wikipedia has its own page approval procedure and even though anyone can create a page/article and edit on wikipedia, the submitted pages are thoroughly checked by the wikipedia community, mostly experts, who screen through the content thoroughly and strictly. The basic purpose of this procedure is to maintain the standard and quality of the content and information delivered by the virtual encyclopedia. The basic aim has always been and will be to offer the readers, throughout the planet, an extremely reliable and informative platform.

Can anyone create a Wikipedia page?

Yes, anyone can create a wikipedia page. In simple words, you can easily create a wikipedia page or article if you have access to the internet and a computer. Wikipedia allows every single person on this planet to create and edit pages and articles on this platform, regardless of who you are.

As long as you are following the guidelines and policies, your page creation will be spot on and the pages you create will also get the approval of the platform.

How to create a wikipedia page for my business?

Creating a wikipedia page for a company/business organization is something that requires one to follow certain steps. These steps to create a wikipedia page for a company make the process easier and even beginners can use these steps as a guideline to create wikis.

Following are the steps required to make a wiki page for your company:

  • Account Creation
  • Choosing a Page Title
  • Research
  • Composing Content in Accordance with the Platform
  • Reviewing & Submitting the page.