Wikipedia is an encyclopedia based project on the internet that has a lot of free content in a variety of languages. Wikipedia is driven by more than 12 thousand active contributors working on more than 54 million articles in about 300 different languages. Every day Wikipedia is visited by thousands of people from all over the world who also contribute to improving, adding, revising existing articles and also adding many new articles.

Anyone can create a new Wikipedia page for business or organization as well as for a brand. The title is free, it doesn’t have to be about yourself. Wikipedia applies several rules that must be adhered in order to publish a new article or page. You must have proof that the information in the articles you mention comes from books, research or other relevant sources. This is used so that readers who read the articles created can understand and understand that the information you provide is the correct information. Therefore, you must provide content that is objective, verifiable and can be freely reused by anyone. If the article you write does not meet these requirements, Wikipedia will automatically delete the page you created. Do you want to know how to avoid getting your page removed from the site? Turn to our experts. They will guide you the whole process of wiki page creation and will tell you the major rules and guidelines that Wikipedia itself governs. You can also avail our top-notch Wikipedia page creation services.

How to Register On Wikipedia as a Company?

  • Click the “Create Account”.
  • Click the link “Create One” above The Boxes.
  • Type the Captcha
  • Enter your user name in the “Username” Box.
  • Pick a password that you can remember but hard to guess from anyone else and type it in the “Password” Box
  • Enter your E-Mail address in the “E-Mail” Box.
  • Click the big “Create Account” button.

Make sure to use a valid Email address and a hard but easy to remember password. So, the query about how to register a company in Wikipedia can be resolved easily with these steps.

But How To Get A Wikipedia Page For My Company?

Before creating a page or article on Wikipedia about your organization, you should get a Wikipedia account first. You may be wondering how to create wiki page, how long does it take to create a Wikipedia page for an organization, what are the benefits of Wikipedia page, or does it cost to create wiki page. Well, Wikipedia doesn’t charge any fees and it’s free for anyone who creates an account. It’s not obligatory, but it will be easier for you to create a Wikipedia article or page if you already have an account. To enter your Wikipedia profile, click on the profile name at the top of the web page.

On the profile page, there are two options you can do, namely:

  • Create a user page. You can create a user page to write about yourself, your organization or about the activities you do. However, if you don’t want to create a user page, you will be directed to the user talk page, which is used to send messages and discuss with other authors.
  • Creating a Wikipedia page/article. To create a new article, click “Create” at the top right of the Wikipedia website. Next, you will be directed to the editor page where you can write a draft of the article that will be made.

To start writing articles, you must first write a title. Then you can start writing the content of the Wikipedia page article that you created and when it’s finished, click the Save button.

Posts that you save have not been submitted to Wikipedia. To enter it, you must complete a title in the Draft user space. Click “Submit your Draft for review”. You just have to wait for the article you write to be accepted by Wikipedia. And when the article has been received, your article will immediately appear on the Wikipedia website.

You can write whatever you want on Wikipedia, such as the research you do, unknown places, or even the products of the business you are running. Just follow the rules of the game that Wikipedia provides and what you write will be a source of knowledge on Wikipedia. You can also take a look at our Wiki services that we offer. We have a wide range and industry-leading wiki services in the most reasonable price. Our experts know how to make a Wikipedia page for an organization and will help you boost your sales and help you become renowned all over the internet.

How Much Time Does It require To Create Wikipedia Page?

Creating a Wikipedia page is a time consuming task and requires proper knowledge about Wikipedia. Wikipedia governs some strict rules and policies that one has to follow in order to create a page on Wikipedia. Regarding to the query that how long does it take to create a Wikipedia page for an organization, it totally depends on the genre of the page. Creating a page may take 5 to 10 days. Comprehensive research and proper citations is a complex task. However, the review process of the page may take a week or two.

Additional Information about Wikipedia Page Creation

Do not try to recover a deleted article even if it was deleted due to lack of formatting – it will also be deleted. It is better to create a new, well-formed article, otherwise you may be blocked by the administrator for editing articles that contradict the rules of Wikipedia. A page can also be re-deleted if it was previously deleted by consensus. Information should be verifiable. Don’t write in narrowly used expressions. Articles without links to sources will be exhibited by administrators for deletion.

Sometimes new information on Wikipedia is subject to rationalized censorship and is removed for this reason. In Wikipedia, information is presented to the masses and must be understood by them. Highly intelligent or specialized articles can be misunderstood. In this case, the article should be edited or it will most likely be deleted.

You can turn to our experts for such a complex task. We know how to write a Wikipedia page for your company and can help you boost your online recognition. We have been serving in this field for years and pride to be one of the leading wiki page creation agencies.

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