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Como Crear Una Página De Wikipedia Para Su Empresa

En el mundo digital actual, se prefieren los métodos de marketing poco ortodoxos a los métodos tradicionales. La evolución de la humanidad también ha desarrollado un agudo sentido de aburrimiento. En otras palabras, si algo es muy entretenido y efectivo hoy, mañana puede volverse obsoleto e irrelevante por completo. No porque tenga algo de malo, […]

How Long Does It Take To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Organization?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia based project on the internet that has a lot of free content in a variety of languages. Wikipedia is driven by more than 12 thousand active contributors working on more than 54 million articles in about 300 different languages. Every day Wikipedia is visited by thousands of people from all over the […]

Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Company

The common thing in the modern world is that it uses anything at its disposal for marketing. From the era of newspaper to the dawn of Television, humankind has always found new ways to promote or advertise. From town criers to modern social media, history is filled with instances where man has used various methods […]

How To Write A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

The usage of Wikipedia as a marketing tool is a testimony that humans would use any great tool such as Wikipedia itself for marketing. In recent times, companies and brands flex their presence and power in their industry by regularly updating their Wikipedia profiles. While encyclopaedia is meant to provide information, recent times has seen […]